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Windows Support

windows-7-support Windows Support was created by Omni Tech to troubleshoot the issues that people experienced while trying to repair their own computers. Because computers are so hard to understand, our windows support service has picked up so quickly and easily, making us one of the best windows support based websites available onlinee today.

Windows Online Support

windows-7-helpPeople are used to calling a field technician to come to their house and work on their windows support issues. What we have done at Omni Tech Support is cut out the middle man and provide direct windows online support via our revolutionary software that allows for remote tech support and windows online support simulateously.

Windows Support Number

We provide a list of great ways to reach us via windows support number, but the best way to get windows support is to call our official windows support number:1-800-966-9940,. where you can reach our expert technicians to help you with whatever issue you are facing.

What We Do :
  • Diagnose cause of errors & problems faced by you in Windows and provide Windows Support
  • Remotely install patches & Windows service packs, via our Windows Online Support
  • Help you take backups of valuable data & reinstall Windows
  • Fix errors which occur while you work on your PC, you can talk to us on our Windows Support Number:1-800-966-9940
  • Recommend software to improve daily productivity. We support Windows 95/98/ME/XP Home & Pro/ NT/ 2000/ Vista

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Windows support Horror Stories

I wonder if we will ever run out of Windows support horror stories to go around. It’s all about Windows support gone wrong with tales of fear, misery and suffering. It can’t be that bad you say. Well, you haven’t heard all of it. Let me tell you a tale of terrible Windows support.

Pete’s at work and he’s really stressed out. It’s been that way lately, he comes back late and rushes off early morning. It’s all the work he has to catch up on. Almost a year’s worth of data to be more exact. What happened? Pete was really frustrated with his PC. He just couldn’t get to work right. He wasn’t sure which Windows support options to try further. It was one of those issues that no one could seem to get around. Work was piling up nonetheless. In his desperation, Pete picks up the phone and dials for Windows support. After going through 15 minutes robotic IVR instructions, He finally gets connected to a Windows support executive, who places him on hold while he gets ‘prepared’. After almost half an hour on the call, the Windows support executive gets Pete started with his problem. Reassuring Pete that he had landed the right Windows support, the agent proceeds to address the issue. Surprisingly, he fixed the issue in a couple of minutes! Informing Pete that it was a simple issue, he requested that Pete take up the customer satisfaction survey. Pete rated them with the best Windows support he had ever got. I would have too – imagine, a resolution under 5 minutes. The long waiting time on call and the shuffling from one department to another were forgotten instantly. But what Pete did not know was that the Windows support tech had just tweaked some registry values to get around the issue. Before he knew it his entire system crashed and there was nothing too do except a hard format- wiping your hard drive clean and reinstalling Windows again.

It didn’t end there. Pete went really mad, and tried suing the company for fraudulent Windows support. The company countered saying it was a false claim since Pete had accepted the terms and conditions at the checkout and billing section, and even rated their service as the ‘best Windows support experience’. Pete lost and ended up paying for that as well.
If that’s not misery, then what is? You should meet Pete; I doubt he’ll have much time for you though. I hear he’s trying really hard to find that tech agent and give him a piece of his mind.



Windows Online Support


Windows Online Support has been really good to XP users.  The introduction of automated fixes and service packs have made Windows updates a whole lot easier for general users. These updates are essential to maintain your operating system and keep it free from bugs, program crashes and security vulnerabilities.  Make sure that you regularly check up on your Windows support automated updates, to see if you’re running the latest update available.

So you’ve been good and checked up on your updates regularly, Great! But what are those errors that keep popping up whenever you try updating?  Here’s where you’d need actual Windows Online Support.  Don’t worry, Windows Online Support is really easy. Try these basic troubleshooting steps yourself, before you find yourself reaching for the Windows Online Support Help line.

Windows Support Number


It didn’t take much did it? More Windows support tips coming your way soon. Visit our updated blogs and websites for simple , quick and easy Online resource of solutions and troubleshooting tips on Windows support .

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