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outlook-helpMicrosoft Outlook is one of the most helpful and popular email client programs ever made for the PC. It is used on the majority of Windows based computers and is one of the most used programs across colleges and universities. One of the main issues with the successful program, however, is the outlook help feature is not as helpful as one would expect from the industry leader. The outlook help is generally archaic and hard to understand, and the bulleted points seem to be geared toward somebody who already knows what to look for.

Outlook Problems

outlook-problemsCommon outlook problems are "cannot start outlook" or errors that start with 0xCCC for example. These outlook problems are actually fairly common for such a successful program, and the solutions can sometimes be very time consuming and taxing.

Outlook Express Help

outlook-express-helpAlthouth the program is a stripped down version of outlook, do not be misled. The outlook express help is far from to the point. It is almost as hard as outlook help itself, and is also geared toward a professional more than an end user.
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Repair your personal address book using Outlook help
Microsoft Outlook, one of the most popular e-mail clients, has come a long way. But, that doesn’t make it perfect. Here are some tips for a common problem.
You can keep contact details for your personal contacts in either the ‘Contacts’ folder, or in the Personal Address book. But unfortunately, many users face problems with the personal address book when it’s damaged or corrupted. But don’t let the problems pull you down because you have Outlook help to fix all your problems.
Personal address book damaged? Call Outlook help
One of the best features of this email program is the amazing Outlook help tools and options available to tackle the issues. Wondering how Outlook help can help you in such situations? Well, it’s the in-built repair tool- Inbox Repair Tool.
This repair tool can fix your problems with the email program in a jiffy. This Outlook help tool can repair any damage in the Personal Address book. Here’s how you can fix this problem.
Outlook help guidelines to run the Inbox Repair tool
Just close Outlook and navigate to the desktop. Now head to ‘Start’ menu and choose ‘System Tools’ from ‘Accessories.’ Locate the Outlook help tool and click on it to start the program. Locate the Personal Address book file by browsing and hit ‘Repair’ to start the repair process.
A good Outlook help tip is to respond ‘Yes’ whenever you are asked by the program if you want to make backup copies of your original file. You can now find the repaired Personal Address book file in the ‘Lost and Found’ folder in your Outlook ‘Folder List.’
And with that your problems with your email client should be taken care of, all thanks to Outlook help.

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