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You might know by now that Microsoft Corporation has officially stopped its support for the aging operating system software, Windows XP. Well, this has long been overdue. Microsoft tried many time before to end Windows support for Windows XP. But due to overwhelming requests from users around the world to not end the support, the company have been delaying this for a long time. But it did happen – the software maker did pull the plug on Windows XP.

But hackers seem to working out various ways to revive the over-a-decade old operating system. As proof of their efforts, there is now a Windows XP registry hack that can provide extended support for Windows XP. All you have to do is press some keys and within seconds, an unsupported Windows XP system will be converted to one that the software giant Microsoft will be supporting for the next five years. Exciting isn’t it? Though it is not recommended, this registry hack actually turns out to be useful. With the changes made to the Windows XP registry, this hack fools Windows Update into believing that your system is not powered by Windows XP, making Windows Update overlook your XP system. Another thing; you will receive extended Windows support for up to next five years.

As far as official support is concerned, for extended support, the only option is the paid one. But, this is not available for everyone. Only some government organizations and large corporations receive this support. But the software company is discouraging use of Windows XP. Another option to receive official support is to upgrade to the latest Windows operating systems. This is a costly affair, as you have to shell out money to buy a new Windows OS or upgrade to the later versions. This hack allows you to continue receiving support, and all from a few registry changes.

Windows Embedded POSReady

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Here what you need to do. You need to navigate to HKLM\Sytem\WPA and then create a key with the name PosReady. When you have created the key, you can add a DWORD value to it. You need to set the value to 1. When all this is done, Windows Update will start viewing your Windows XP powered system as though it is a Windows embedded POSReady device. A POSReady device looks similar to Windows XP, but is designed specifically for use in Industrial Devices such as ATMs, cash registers etc. Since POSReady devices will be receiving support until 2019, even your system will start receiving software updates.

You can try this simple but useful registry hack. But, it is advisable to check out reviews from users who have already done it to confirm its effectiveness.

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