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A form in Microsoft Outlook provides a way to distribute and collect information electronically. These can be used to order supplies or post information to a public folder. In Microsoft Outlook, there are in-built forms available such as message forms, which help users to send emails and messages to others.

The Microsoft support would help you in creating a form in Outlook. However, you can also create a form by following these instructions.

  • The primary step would be creation of a new folder for storing the new form you will be creating. Now, right-click on the folder list located in the left panel and select the Create New Folder option. Choose a location for the newly created folder.
  • Now, select Tools from the Microsoft Outlook menu and click Forms followed by Design a Form. A list of standard forms would be available in a window for modification. Choose the standard form you want to modify. The selected standard form will open in the design view for modification.
  • Once you have chosen the form, modify it as desired, to create your own form. To delete a box, click on the box until it is highlighted and then click on the Delete button to delete the box. You can also change the title.
  • The next step would be to add new information to the form by selecting from the options in the Field Chooser box. To add a new field to the form, click on the desired field box, and drag to the location where you want to place the new filed in the form. Sometimes, if the field is not listed, click on the New button. Now, type in the new field name, and select the type and format for the information. As mentioned earlier, you can also contact the Microsoft support to clarify your doubts.

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  • For choosing the controls, right-click in the space where you want to add a control option. Choose Control Toolbox from the menu and select the control option you want to use, such as a selection box, from the options shown and drag it onto the form.
  • Once, you have selected the options, save the form. For this, select Forms from the Tools menu and choose Publish Form.
  • Now, choose Browse and then locate the folder that you had created earlier. Click on OK to select the folder location you designated. Type in the name for the form and select the Publish button.

Therefore, you can follow this set of instructions to create your form in Microsoft Outlook. However, if you were not able to create it using these, the best option would be to contact tech support.

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