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The Windows XP operating system, comes with default program settings for automatic updates. This feature enables the operating system to have an up-to-date system with the new feature releases and improved security setup. An updated operating system will run smoothly with security threats mitigated even before they establish within the system.

The flexibility of Windows XP is that many features including the Automatic Update feature can be set according to the choice of the user. The usage guide for this update feature can be found on the Microsoft support website. Users can visit this site for more information to learn more on this and related issues.

The best way to deal with Microsoft Windows updates is to allow the system to inform you of any updates without installing them automatically. This will give you better control of the system and ensure an uninterrupted usage. Moreover, you can prevent a drop in system performance if you are in control of installing the updates.

Users can also manage the update schedule for efficient performance by setting a time for the updates. The computer system will start downloading all the update together when the set time arrives. The Pause option in Automatic Update feature allows you to stop an update in progress and continue later on.

Sometimes an automatic update that you don’t wish to install may start and you need to interrupt the update progress to stop the installation. Here are the steps you should follow to do so.

Steps to End and Update

  • When the automatic update process is in progress, navigate to the notification area of the taskbar and click on the Windows Automatic Update icon.

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  • From the activity options available, click on Pause. This will stop the installation in progress.
  • To resume with the installation, click on the same icon again and select Resume. The installation process will start to run normally again.

Steps to Disable Automatic Updates

  • Click on the Start menu located at the bottom of the screen or directly hit the Windows key on the keyboard.
  • Go to Run option and type-in sysdm.cpl in the field space. Press Enter key.
  • A new window screen will open and click on the Automatic Updates tab.  Choose Turn Off Automatic Updates and save the settings by clicking OK.

These Microsoft support steps will guide you to disable the Automatic Update feature in your Windows XP. Updating your operating system will protect you from the latest threats as well as improve the user experience.


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