Windows XP Support Has Officially Expired

Microsoft support

Microsoft support for XP ends

The most popular operating system that Microsoft has ever released was Windows XP and still it is the second most popular operating system coming next to Windows 7. It is the user-friendly features of the Windows XP operating system, which made this OS so popular among home and business users. It is in this Windows XP operating system, Microsoft has tried a new interface and features a Windows Start button for the easy navigation. However, the tech giant has now decided to end the Microsoft support given the fact that this operating system is 13 years old.

The decision by Microsoft to withdraw the tech support given to the Windows XP OS has shocked many Windows XP users, as they do not know what to do. With the end of Windows XP support, the XP users can work on their computers but they will no longer receive security updates, making the Windows XP computers more prone to virus attacks. This EOS by Microsoft has made all the ATMs running across the world in danger since most of the ATM machines are running on the Windows XP operating system.

Microsoft said in an announcement that, “Microsoft has provided support for Windows XP for the past 12 years. But now the time has come for us, along with our hardware and software partners, to invest our resources toward supporting more recent technologies so that we can continue to deliver great new experiences.” They also said that this end of support is also applicable to Microsoft Office 2003 as well.

Windows Vista

Support for Microsoft Windows XP

The Windows XP operating system was introduced in the year October 2001 and sits among the most successful products that Microsoft has ever released. According to the statistics, Windows XP holds the second place in the computer market share behind Windows 7. However, it took a little longer for Windows 7 OS to overcome the market share of Windows XP.  For the Windows XP OS, Microsoft has released three service packs. In the year 2009 itself, the tech giant ended the Mainstream Support for the OS, which means that Microsoft stopped accepting warranty claims and providing many technical support services.

The main intention behind such an end of Microsoft support to Windows XP is to make the latest operating system of Microsoft, Windows 8 popular. The tech giant wants all the Windows XP users to migrate to either Windows 8 or any other recent OS from Microsoft like Windows 7 or Windows Vista.

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How To Add Or Remove Programs From Taskbar

Windows 7 Help

      Features Of Windows 7

Windows 7 is one of the best operating systems from Microsoft. It was released in 2009, and since then a large number of customers have been running this operating system in their computers. This operating system was quick and highly efficient compared to its predecessors. The boot time of the operating system was comparatively less and it supported most of the hardware devices in the market.

One of the major features of Windows 7 operating system is its ease of accessing programs. Windows 7 allows you to add program shortcuts to its taskbar. This will help users to launch their favorite programs with a single click. Keep in mind that this function was absent in operating systems like Windows XP. In this Windows 7 help section, we will help you to find out how to add and remove program icons from the taskbar.

Adding program to taskbar

If you wish to add a program icon to taskbar, select the Start menu and click the option All Programs found on the left pane of the window. Locate the program you want to add to the taskbar and right click on the program icon. This will open a small box with various options. Select the option Pin to Taskbar. This will add a shortcut icon of the program to the taskbar.

Another method is to simply drag and drop the icon to the taskbar. For this, locate the program shortcut on your desktop or any other location. Select the program icon, press and hold the left mouse key. Drag it to the task bar and you will find that the program is added to the taskbar. Repeat the steps to add more programs to the taskbar.

Windows 7 Help

       Features Of Windows 7

If you wish to remove any of the program shortcuts in the taskbar, you can do it with a few simple steps. Right click the program icon in the taskbar to open a window for different options. Select the option Unpin This Program from Taskbar and this removes the program shortcut from the taskbar. You may repeat the steps to remove any number of programs from the taskbar.

With the above steps, you can add a program shortcut to the taskbar or remove it from the taskbar. If you have any queries regarding the steps mentioned above, or any other Windows 7 issues, you may contact Windows 7 help center or our technical support team for assistance.

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Microsoft Support Scam Leader Bought To Justice

Microsoft Support

Microsoft Support Scam Leader Pleads Guilty

Remember the Microsoft support scam in which people posing as Microsoft engineers called up a UK customer and then caused issues in their system? The national trading Standards eCrime Team has brought a prominent member of the scam to justice through what many believe is the first prosecution of its kind. Mohammed Khalid Jamil, ringleader of the Microsoft support scam operation, was given a four month suspended sentence along with a hefty fine of £24,000. The fine includes a fine of £5,000 for being a part of the scam, £13,929 in court costs, and the remaining £5,665 as compensation to his victims.

Khalid Jamil, ran the fraudulent operation named Smart Support Guys, who successfully infiltrated many PCs in the U.K. by posing as Microsoft certified support engineers calling from overseas call centers. Unsuspecting victims would give the con men remote access to their computers, which gave them an opportunity to remove anti-virus software and make unwanted and malicious changes in the operating system. After these changes would take effect the PCs would start losing performance and speed, which would then be fixed by “certified support engineers” for a fee ranging between 35 and £150. The same fix is available as a free download from the Microsoft website. Jamil, according to reports by Trading Standards, was successful in duping mostly vulnerable and elderly people off their money by posing his team as Microsoft support engineers.

ECrime Team

Microsoft Support Scam Artists Targeted Elderly

Jamil pleaded guilty of the charges but blamed his call center staff, stating he did not supervise them properly. However it was later revealed that this is not the first time he has been involved is something of this nature. Back in 2010 Luton trading standards had given him a warning about a similar case when he ran different company Online PC masters.

Lord Toby Harris, chairman of the National Trading Standards Board stated, “This is a landmark case, as we believe it may be the first ever successful prosecution of someone in the Microsoft scam in the UK.” He added, “Now that one of the many individuals who been operating this scam have been brought to justice, it’s a stark warning to anyone else that they can be caught and prosecuted.”

Microsoft had issued a warning to users earlier about fake security alerts and scams where people would be conned into believing there is something wrong with their systems and allow access to their computers to these individuals.

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Contacting The Microsoft Customer Support Services

Microsoft support

Support for Microsoft

Microsoft is well known for their quality applications and software that helps the users in many ways. To give tech support for all the issues and problems with their applications or services, Microsoft has a customer services and support network, which will help the Microsoft users with their queries regarding the products of Microsoft.  A customer care executive can help you in two ways, when you contact the Microsoft Support and Service center.

  • Good customer service- In order to answer the questions, it helps you locate the appropriate team or resources.
  • Technical support- It helps you in locating the correct support team to solve the technical issues with the Microsoft products and it provides good options for support.

Well, I am going to explain the need and best way to contact the Microsoft support and service team.

Customer service

A customer care executive or representatives can help you in case you are having some questions regarding the general customer service. They will help you locate the answers for your queries and you will be directed to a specific team depending on the issue that you are facing. Sometimes, these executives will make you navigate to any other websites that helps to answer your doubts or queries.

Technical support

A customer care executive can help you in determining the type of support options available, if you are in need of some technical support for a specific product from Microsoft. The technical support includes assisted and self-help support. You may be asked to give the identification number, version and the warranty status of the product to the customer care executives.

customer care executives

Microsoft service and support

Microsoft provides various options like telephone chat or email for the users to get technical assistance and the technical support options can vary depending on the product. The customer care representative can help you in solving the issues of any particular Microsoft product. Visit the official website of Microsoft to know about the different support options available to the user.

Contacting the software and hardware vendors

If you are having a problem with the software that came preinstalled with your computer, then you will be redirected to the support section of the manufacturer to see whether any support options are available with the specific product or not. If you want technical support to a product that is not from Microsoft, then you will be automatically requested to contact the support section of the original vendor of the product.

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How To Set Up An NDSU Email Account In Outlook

Outlook setting

       configure Outlook setting

Microsoft Outlook email client application can be used by both individual users and corporate users. When individual users want to use Outlook, they have to configure the Outlook setting to set up their webmail service in it. The corporate users should set up their email account in Outlook for using the company email service. Similarly, universities and colleges also allow their staff and students to use their email service by setting up an Outlook email account. Once set up, these email accounts can be accessed by them whenever they are online by accessing the university servers. This article explains how Outlook can be configured for the North Dakota State University (NDSU) email network.


  • Launch your default web browser and load the NDSU supported software link in it.
  • When the page is loaded, press Download Sign In link located beneath option 1. The link will take you to Microsoft download centre where you can download the setup file. Press the Download button to download the setup file.
  • Once the file is downloaded, double-click on it to run. When the installer window pops up, press Next to proceed.
  • Press I Accept button to agree the License terms and proceed by pressing the Next button.
  • Select C: drive as the installation location and press the Install button to begin the installation. When the installation is over, you will be alerted with a dialogue box. Press the Finish button to close the alert.
  • Now, launch the application and enter your username and password in the given fields. Username: Should be your NDSU email address (Eg:, Password: your NDSU email account password.
  • In case you come across any problems with the password or username, get in touch with the IT Help Desk.

    university servers

           Outlook email setup

  • After signing in using the Online Services Sign In Tool, navigate to the Options tab and select the Advanced Options followed by Reconfigure my desktop application.
  • Make sure that there all applications except Microsoft Outlook is unchecked.
  • Following that, press the Configure Applications option. Outlook will be launched now to configure your email account. It may take several minutes depending on the size of the data in your email account and the internet speed.
  • Once the email account setup and Outlook setting configuration are done, you are ready to use it.

You have now setup your NDSU email account in Microsoft Outlook application. Start using Outlook now for accessing your email account.

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