Chromebook Sale On The Rise As Windows Support Diminishes

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Another wave of laptops that are powered by Google’s Chrome operating system will be hitting stores this summer. This is the latest challenge to Microsoft’s dominant Windows franchise. This latest line of Chromebooks run on a new generation of faster Intel microprocessors that will not consume much battery power. These machines will be shipped by the main computer manufacturers like Lenovo group, Dell, Acer, Toshiba, and Asus. The machines will be sold for 300 to 400 dollars.

Intel Corp and all other computer manufacturers who are embracing Chromebooks are longtime Microsoft partners that helped make Windows so influential and lucrative in the past two decades. Most of the longtime allies of Microsoft have been exploring new avenues in a two-year decline in the sale of PCs owing to the increasing popularity of tablets and smartphones. Microsoft has also alienated some of the PC makers by releasing their own tablet, named Surface that runs on Windows OS. Even though Surface still has not become a hot item in the market, Microsoft’s move into the tablet market demonstrated the software maker’s willingness to compete against its partners.

Intel, perhaps Microsoft’s most important partner has been expanding aggressively beyond Windows OS. Besides branching into smartphone and wearable technology, they also make chips for 20 different designs of Chromebooks, up from just four designs. Navin Shenoy, an Intel vice president, said, “We will embrace multiple operating systems.” In the mean time, Google has been trying to overcome early perceptions that Chromebooks are an inferior breed of computers as they are not equipped with a hard disk to store data.

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Google also has developed ways for the Chromebook users to get work done and entertain themselves even without Internet access. As part of the latest announcement, Google said that the ability to watch TV shows and movies offline would be included in a free update to the Chrome OS that will be available in the next few weeks. Despite broadening the support for the product, Chromebooks still account for only a small fraction of shipments. About 2.5 million Chromebooks were sold the previous year as per the research firm International Data Corp. More than 80% of the computers that were sold last year ran on Windows OS.

The sale of Chromebooks is on the rise as the Windows support is diminishing. If you wish to know more on this news, you can contact the Windows support number.

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Tips To Get More Out Of Your Outlook Email Client

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Microsoft Outlook is widely used by many of the computer users across the globe. This program is a very efficient email client, contacts manager and offers the users with a number of features like Outlook calendar, scheduler, and many advanced features. This article discusses some of the user-friendly features of the Outlook program and the Outlook email etiquettes that you should follow.


Contacts are always the backbone of the linking structure. Almost everything that the user does in Outlook is related to one or more contacts.


Categories are used for general classification: Customers, Potential customers, Suppliers etc. Contacts can belong to a number of categories. Category fields are defined in the Master Category List. This list can be edited to suit the needs of the user.

User-Defined Fields

They have a similar function to categories, but allow the users to enter non-boolean data like date and numbers.


You can spare some time to try the different views and printing options for the views. The phone list view of Outlook is much useful for the user. Customizing the current view lets the users see the information that they need.

Making Use Of Outlook – Email Etiquette

  • An email message can be a piece of business correspondence. Remember to be considerate and appropriate in your emails.
  • Always do a spelling and grammar check before sending your mails. Punctuate the messages correctly and use capital letters wherever necessary.

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  • Use attachments sparingly and appropriately.
  • Put text line for text attachments where formatting is not crucial. For others, check that the recipient can read this file and be prepared to offer an alternative file type, if necessary.
  • Do not attach old or previous email messages unless you have a good reason for it.
  • Keep in mind that not everyone uses Microsoft software.
  • Be aware that while using stationery, it may not look the same in other users email clients.
  • Never quote previous email messages in their entirety unless it is very important to do this.

These are some of the important Outlook email etiquettes that you should keep in mind while sending email messages from the Outlook program. If you wish to know more on the Outlook setting and the features of the program, you can contact the Outlook help and support team. They will be able to provide you more information on the Outlook setting and features.

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Get Videos Transferred From Sony Handycam To Windows 7 Computer

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In order to view videos that you have taken using your Sony Handycam, you need to transfer the files to a system. Thus, you could view the files, save them, make necessary changes to them and even create a DVD so that you can watch them conveniently.

Transferring your videos from a Sony Handycam to a Windows 7 system is a good option. This transfer process is quite simple as you get the perfect tools from both Sony and Microsoft that will help you to get all the video files imported to your computer. PMB or Picture Motion Browser is the software with Sony Handycams and Windows Live Movie Maker of Microsoft helps you to edit your video files with ease. You can contact Windows 7 help and support team if you have doubts. For now, follow the instructions given below.

Sony Picture Motion Browser

  • You can get your Sony Handycam connected to your Windows 7 platform. You can use a FireWire cable. Turn on the camcorder. If the drivers for the camcorder do not install automatically, you will have to download them to implement this step. After downloading the software, the drivers will open automatically. If they do not open, you can click on the Start button and click Sony Picture Motion Browser.
  • In PMB software, you can select Import Files. When the message USB select appears, you ought to choose the media type.
  • You can choose the preferred import options now. The option before you is to either import all the files or choose the files that you wish to import and select the OK button. Mention the folder to which the files will be imported. You can view the files in PMB window.

Windows Live Movie Maker

  • The next step is to get your Handycam connected to the system. For this, you can depend on a USB or even a FireWire connection.
  • You can turn on the camcorder. Your platform will automatically detect the drives and install them, if they have not been installed. These files will be installed from the Windows Compatibility Center.

    Windows Live Movie Maker

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  • You can select Start, click All Programs and choose Windows Live. Now select Windows Live Movie Maker. After opening the program, you can select the Movie Maker button and choose Import from Device. Now select OK and this will get all the videos imported to the Windows Live Photo Gallery.
  • In the next window, choose the icon for Sony Handycam and select Import. Select Import Entire Video, choose More Options, and try to change the folder settings before you proceed.
  • Select OK and click Next and then Finish.

Any doubts regarding the above procedure will be cleared by the Windows 7 help and support team.

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Microsoft Stops Security Updates For IE11

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Microsoft had been focusing on promoting the upgrade versions for its product line. This has made them end the support that they had been offering a few favorite products. However, support for a product cannot be extended beyond a stipulated time line. Hence, Microsoft has finally decided to stop offering security updates for its Internet Explorer 11. This applies to Windows 7 computers used by home and small businesses who have not successfully applied for their security updates for IE11.

In order to enjoy patch privilege, Microsoft users have to follow the guidelines and download the patches before the deadline set by Microsoft. This was applied while Windows 8.1 upgrade patch were released for Windows 8 users. June 10 was the deadline given by Microsoft and they urged their users to download the patch before the end date. Crossing the deadline would make the users lose their privilege over the patch and they could not further upgrade from their current platform.

The new move by Microsoft had affected only IE and not Windows 7 platform. The users who have not yet installed IE security update that was released on April 8 will not receive the update released on June 10. The update released on April 8 is called as MS14-018.

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Users who made use of Windows update to download and install fixes could not install the update released on June 10. This means, only after installing MS14-018 successfully, could a user install the update released on June 10. It is always essential to stay alert so that you can successfully download the update patches before the deadline. There is no use contacting Microsoft support for assistance, if you have not made use of your opportunity.

According to the report given in a June support document, the computers that run IE11 and those who have updates like update 2919355 or update 2929437 installed could download the new update. The new update is meant to fix about 59 vulnerabilities out of which 47 are applicable to IE11. The upcoming updates will require IE to have the above updates installed. This means, those who have not yet downloaded the above update cannot install the new update.

Going forward, you need to take care of updating your Microsoft products before the deadline so that you can avoid losing patch privileges. Those who have missed the opportunity can download IE patches after installing MS14-018. If you have any queries, you may contact Microsoft support for assistance.

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Why To Consider Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Upgrade For Your Business

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SharePoint is an application platform and framework developed by Microsoft. It has several features that give an upper hand to your business. Microsoft support center recently shared a few facts about the new SharePoint 2013 applications, which are drafted below.

It enhances search function

SharePoint has the latest FAST search technology incorporated, which makes it a leader when it comes to enterprise search. This latest technology facilitates crawling and indexing constantly. For every few minutes, contents are indexed and it makes it very easy to search a file. Another advanced feature is the query actions and query conditions. With this feature, only the most relevant search results are populated. This makes it very flexible for users to obtain search results in a more sorted and organized manner based on the specific criteria in the search query.

Enhancement in intranet search

Looking for any term is made very easy with this new application, and can be done by simply placing the mouse cursor over the search result. It displays a very optimized and sorted result. The best part is that, you will be able to see some of the important chapters of a file without even downloading it.

Usability of web content enhanced

With SharePoint 2013, editing web pages and contents is also made easier than how it was before. It is easy to copy contents directly from the Word document and paste the data in the WordPress editor. The best part is that the text would appear in the editor with the intended style. This cuts out the trouble of further formatting of the content. It also includes designing features along with the Adobe Dreamweaver utility and other editing tools. SharePoint also includes video embedding and friendly URL.

Digital Asset Management

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Data management system is an important aspect for companies that handle huge volumes of data, documents and images, to manage data effectively. SharePoint allows the users to easily store and retrieve data.

Cross-site publishing

This is one of the unique attributes of SharePoint 2013. This feature allows users to store and maintain contents across multiple sites. It also includes displaying and sharing of the contents on the publishing websites and ensures that the contents featured are consistent.

With all these features mentioned, it for sure that upgrading to SharePoint 2013 would give an upper hand in business. Contact our Microsoft support team right away to learn how to get started with the all new SharePoint application.

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