Users Urged To Uninstall Updates That Cause Blue Screen Of Death In Windows 7

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Windows 7 is one of the favorite operating systems among users after Windows XP. This was released prior to Windows 8 and after Windows Vista. There were many features improved in Windows 7 that helped users in many ways. The themes included in Windows 7 operating system were excellent, which also allowed users to change icons and many more accordingly. The aero theme introduced in Windows 7 was one of the best features. Though it has many features that are helpful, when it comes to issues, the number is significant.

Many personal computers running on Windows 7 were bricked recently due to one of the updates released in the month of August. MS14-045 update, which is one of the updates rolled out in the month of August, was one of the reasons for the malfunctioning of the computer. Microsoft is now pushing people into getting this update uninstalled since there were many complaints from the users. Most of the users complained about BSOD issues once the updates were installed.

Apparently, this update was supposed to fix three different flaws. One of the most severe cases was the defenselessness of Windows 7 operating system that let hackers to elevate user privileges when logged into the system with the help of a particular application. As one of the effective Windows 7 help tips, Microsoft asked all the users to uninstall this particular update from the computer.

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Users reported that the update generated an error called the stop error, just few hours past the release of the update. Windows 7 PCs with the 64-bit processors were plague with BSODs or Blue Screen Of Death issues post the release of the update MS14-045.

Initially there were about 97 users, who reported about BSOD issues post the update, reports one of the blogs in Microsoft. They also informed that they were investigating on the functionalities and the behavior of the latest update that harmed many computers. Microsoft’s community, which is currently working on the issues, added that they would come up with the updates on the same issues once they figured what went wrong with the update.

Until they figure out the issue with the update, Microsoft urges the users to uninstall the update so that they do not harm the computers any further. In order to prevent users from installing the updates, the link to the 2982791 service updates is removed. In case you need further Windows 7 help, contact our tech support desk for assistance.

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Partnership Of Microsoft With Nokia

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Partnerships can always help business firms to grow. When partners are huge corporate giants like Microsoft and Nokia, an explanation is generally not required. Both the companies have entered into an alliance that could only help customers in the end. Critics had been waiting for such a move and they have been focusing on faults rendered by the two companies. However, the benefits through this partnership will help both the companies to grow. One such example is RIM Blackberry. Nokia had been struggling so far to outbeat the market controlled by Blackberry. Their dream will definitely be fulfilled when Microsoft comes into picture.

When Microsoft and Nokia tie hands with each other, they will be offering more exclusive features for Smartphone users. When people choose Windows Mobile phone, they would be expecting more advanced features out of these mobiles. When Microsoft and Nokia enter into a new agreement, there would be a large expectation from people all over the world. There would be expectation from every user that Microsoft Office will be integrated upon initiating the partnership. It is quite true that Microsoft had so far released plenty of smartphones, however they have failed to deliver the complete functionalities of Microsoft Office.

Before the partnership of Nokia with Microsoft, there were several restrictions imposed on people dealing with handheld devices. They could only access handheld devices that used House Windows mobile technology. If they used a mobile communicator instead, they could enjoy more freedom. When you consider any technology, the restrictions and policies would be stricter and when companies deice to enter into a partnership like Nokia and Microsoft, their rules soon melt.

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SharePoint integration is one of the key benefits that customers could enjoy from the partnership of Nokia and Microsoft. SharePoint had been playing an important role in small-scale organizations. It gives opportunity throughout the organization to share files easily. You can even make use of SharePoint, as it is also found useful in launching projects.

The partnership between Nokia and Microsoft will help the Nokia Smartphone users and they will find it easy to connect with each other. Let us hope that the new partnership brings both the companies good fortune. If you want to know more about the benefits of Nokia Microsoft partnership, you may contact our Microsoft support team. Our Microsoft support desk offers help guidelines and information regarding all Microsoft products and services.

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Developer Edition Of IE11 For Windows 7 Released

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The latest developer edition from Microsoft that was rolled out lately has all the latest features to bring the last-generation OS to the latest browser platforms. The developer edition of IE11 is for Windows 7 operating system. Get to more on this in the Windows 7 help section of our website.

This also means that an edition for the consumers also will be rolled out eventually, for which the director of marketing for Internet Explorer, Roger Capriotti, did not specify an exact time. In the Build conference that was held last month, Microsoft executives revealed that Windows 7 IE11 Browsers were a part of Windows 8.1.

Microsoft is making sure to boost the developers to ensure that websites perform in the most favorable way, which also includes the touch friendly limits of Windows 8. Microsoft included plenty of incentives in developing this web browser to encourage the developers. Some of the offers were latest virtual machines to check the working of IE11 on Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, a 25 percent off on parallel desktop virtualization for Mac and many more.

In order to analyze the performance of the website, a new set of F12 tools were provided by Microsoft. This tool will help you analyze memory usage and CPU usage while the user moves around the web. The tool displays the usage with the help metrics and graphs if there are any memory leaks and finds out if there is any part of the website that consumes more than expected.

This web browser is the first to have supported W3C Resource Priorities standards that enable the websites to direct the portion of the website to be loaded first. This is one of the reasons why users will have an eye on the latest IE11.

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Microsoft claims that IE11 is almost 4 percent faster than IE10. While testing with the SunSpider benchmark, which measures WebKit performance, it is evident that IE11 is almost 30 percent faster than all the closest competing browsers. This is one of the benchmark tests conducted by Microsoft to test the performance of browsers. Windows 7 help will be rendered for the same.

Windows 7 IE11 Browsers for Windows 7 are expected to be successful unlike other previous browsers. Microsoft is expecting that people would come back to using Internet Explorer by getting to know about the latest features added to the browser. There were times when people used only Internet Explorer, until other browsers came out that could perform better than IE. This is more like a comeback for IE to snatch favoritism among the users.

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A Hack To Make Windows XP Supported

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You might be aware by now that the software maker has abandoned Windows XP. We are talking about the end of Windows support for the aging operating system. The operating system has been around for around 13 years and it seems that the company has had it with XP. No Windows support means the operating system users will not be receiving any kind of official support, technical or non-technical assistance, feature updates, and security packs either paid or non-paid. The world’s leading software maker has removed Windows XP from the list of supported products.

Yeah, all this is true. But, it seems Windows XP cannot be not easily killed, which explains its over-a-decade life span.  The Redmond based software giant did overlook something. An OS flaw is being exploited many. The flaw blew holes through all Windows XP operating system versions revealing a way to extend the life of Windows XP. Yes, Windows XP is not dead yet. You can easily extend its support for five more years.  Again, all this is available for free.

This happened when Microsoft was trying so hard to get rid of the old operating system. The company is not intending to do anything about it and they are also not planning to change their update servers or anything. The extended life span was a gift from some hacker. It was a hacker, who spotted that a simple hack can increase the life of Windows XP. The simple tweak exploits the software maker’s continued support of Windows Embedded Industry versions. You might know it by its previously used name Windows Embedded POSReady. Windows Embedded POSReady support will last until 2019, so the hack makes use of this to extend Windows XP’s life.

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Embedded Industry has been designed for use in various industry devices. We are talking about those computer terminals used in manufacturing, retail, health care and many other industries. You might have already guessed this – Windows Embedded POSReady is based on Windows XP. It is actually based on XP Service Pack 3.

A simple hack can make it possible to direct the patches meant for Windows Embedded POSReady to Windows XP system. This way, you can enjoy the official Windows XP support.

Though many users who have tried the hack say that it works fine, many things are not yet known. Your system might become unstable. So, if you are willing to take that risk, you can use the hack to receive support till 2019.

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Small Breather For Windows Phone 7.8 OS

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Windows Phone 7 users were in for a disappointment when the information came that there will be no updates for the Windows Phone 8 operating system. Users wishing to do so will have to purchase a new Windows 8 handset in order to enjoy the features of Windows 8. However, to appease these Windows 7 users, Microsoft released the Windows Phone 7.8 Update soon after, bringing in certain new appearance and performance tweaks.

In this new OS, users had the ability to customize the Start screen, by increasing the size of the Live Tiles. Small, medium or large tiles are available for download, available with a fully customizable Start screen. Moreover, this new OS features more info display, like the text of new messages or details on appointments. Small ones make it easy to access stuff within just a few clicks. In addition to this, Windows 7.8 OS featured many display updates, bringing in a plethora of color choices to light up your phone. To mention just a few, the Windows 7.8 OS features twice the number of accent colors (20) and lock screen images directly from Bing.

For unknown reasons, Microsoft has recently extended the mainstream support for its old Windows Phone 7.8 operating system. The extension, which happened without any sort of announcement, is just by a few more weeks. Initially supposed to end in September 9, Microsoft Windows Phone 7.8 mainstream support has been extended to October 14. This extension of more than a month, means that Microsoft Support for both security and feature patches will be available for almost an extra month.

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This means users of Lumia 510, 610, 800, and 900 as well as the LG Optimus 7 and the HTC Titan II now have a reason to rejoice. The exact intention of extending the support, that too for such short time duration, is still unclear. The only logical conclusion is that Microsoft support is providing one final patch before ending the Mainstream support for these devices forever.

Windows 7 OS for phones had a brief and unremarkable lifespan, especially in comparison to the Windows Phone 8 OS. Not to upset the existing Windows Phone 7 users, but the upgrade from Windows Phone 7 to Windows Phone 8 is frankly impossible since both OS versions have different kernels. This means, after October 14, the Windows Phone 7.8 OS, as we know it, will cease to exist. After the date, Windows Phone 7 OS will run on extended support, which means only security patches will be available.

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