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You might be aware by now that the software maker has abandoned Windows XP. We are talking about the end of Windows support for the aging operating system. The operating system has been around for around 13 years and it seems that the company has had it with XP. No Windows support means the operating system users will not be receiving any kind of official support, technical or non-technical assistance, feature updates, and security packs either paid or non-paid. The world’s leading software maker has removed Windows XP from the list of supported products.

Yeah, all this is true. But, it seems Windows XP cannot be not easily killed, which explains its over-a-decade life span.  The Redmond based software giant did overlook something. An OS flaw is being exploited many. The flaw blew holes through all Windows XP operating system versions revealing a way to extend the life of Windows XP. Yes, Windows XP is not dead yet. You can easily extend its support for five more years.  Again, all this is available for free.

This happened when Microsoft was trying so hard to get rid of the old operating system. The company is not intending to do anything about it and they are also not planning to change their update servers or anything. The extended life span was a gift from some hacker. It was a hacker, who spotted that a simple hack can increase the life of Windows XP. The simple tweak exploits the software maker’s continued support of Windows Embedded Industry versions. You might know it by its previously used name Windows Embedded POSReady. Windows Embedded POSReady support will last until 2019, so the hack makes use of this to extend Windows XP’s life.

security packs

Windows Support Ends

Embedded Industry has been designed for use in various industry devices. We are talking about those computer terminals used in manufacturing, retail, health care and many other industries. You might have already guessed this – Windows Embedded POSReady is based on Windows XP. It is actually based on XP Service Pack 3.

A simple hack can make it possible to direct the patches meant for Windows Embedded POSReady to Windows XP system. This way, you can enjoy the official Windows XP support.

Though many users who have tried the hack say that it works fine, many things are not yet known. Your system might become unstable. So, if you are willing to take that risk, you can use the hack to receive support till 2019.

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Small Breather For Windows Phone 7.8 OS

Microsoft Support

Microsoft Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 7 users were in for a disappointment when the information came that there will be no updates for the Windows Phone 8 operating system. Users wishing to do so will have to purchase a new Windows 8 handset in order to enjoy the features of Windows 8. However, to appease these Windows 7 users, Microsoft released the Windows Phone 7.8 Update soon after, bringing in certain new appearance and performance tweaks.

In this new OS, users had the ability to customize the Start screen, by increasing the size of the Live Tiles. Small, medium or large tiles are available for download, available with a fully customizable Start screen. Moreover, this new OS features more info display, like the text of new messages or details on appointments. Small ones make it easy to access stuff within just a few clicks. In addition to this, Windows 7.8 OS featured many display updates, bringing in a plethora of color choices to light up your phone. To mention just a few, the Windows 7.8 OS features twice the number of accent colors (20) and lock screen images directly from Bing.

For unknown reasons, Microsoft has recently extended the mainstream support for its old Windows Phone 7.8 operating system. The extension, which happened without any sort of announcement, is just by a few more weeks. Initially supposed to end in September 9, Microsoft Windows Phone 7.8 mainstream support has been extended to October 14. This extension of more than a month, means that Microsoft Support for both security and feature patches will be available for almost an extra month.

Live Tiles

Microsoft Os For Phones

This means users of Lumia 510, 610, 800, and 900 as well as the LG Optimus 7 and the HTC Titan II now have a reason to rejoice. The exact intention of extending the support, that too for such short time duration, is still unclear. The only logical conclusion is that Microsoft support is providing one final patch before ending the Mainstream support for these devices forever.

Windows 7 OS for phones had a brief and unremarkable lifespan, especially in comparison to the Windows Phone 8 OS. Not to upset the existing Windows Phone 7 users, but the upgrade from Windows Phone 7 to Windows Phone 8 is frankly impossible since both OS versions have different kernels. This means, after October 14, the Windows Phone 7.8 OS, as we know it, will cease to exist. After the date, Windows Phone 7 OS will run on extended support, which means only security patches will be available.

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Support For Microsoft Access


       Features Of Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access is considered as one of the best database tools in the market. It was first released in the year 1992 and is an integral part of Microsoft’s Office Suite package. The data added to the program is stored in its Access jet Database Engine. One of the features of the program is that it allows users to import data from other programs with a few simple steps. If you are a data architect or software developer, then you can use the program to develop application software.

You might have all heard about relational databases. So, what do these relational databases mean? For this, let us take an example. Consider that you want to create a database of students and the courses they take. If you want to find out the number of students who attended a particular course, you will have to obtain data from the courses data table and from the student’s data table. However, it requires you to link both the tables to acquire the information. In such a situation, you link both the tables and this is the basic concept behind relational databases.


                       Microsoft Office Suite

Now, just like any other software program, Microsoft Access is not free from issues. Users might encounter several issues with this program. This occurs when the program is modified to work according to your requirements. So, what will you do in such situations? There are several steps, which one could take, to fix the issues with the program. These steps include finding solutions from Microsoft support forums for Access program, seeking the help of a professional technician, finding solutions from the internet etc.

Microsoft Access encounters fewer troubles compared with other database programs. If you have created a simple data entry screen, chances are very less that you might encounter a trouble. This is because such applications can be developed using the inbuilt wizards. For creating a simple screen form, the program asks you several set of questions and the screen is created based on the answers.

When you post your Microsoft Access issue on any of the forums, you may get immediate response for your query. There are also numerous other Microsoft support websites, which offer you solutions to a wide range of problems encountered with Microsoft Access. Going through Microsoft Access help section in the program will also help you to find answers to your queries and fix the common issues encountered.

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Windows 7 Support To End In 2015

Microsoft Support

                    Support By Microsoft

Microsoft is a leader in the computer industry and is one among the dominant players in the release of operating systems. It was on April 8 that the tech giant Microsoft decided to end the Microsoft support provided for its age old operating system Windows XP. The end of support for Windows XP has hurt many of the users who entirely depended on the OS for carrying out their operations. In a similar way, Microsoft is coming with a warning that they are considering to end the support for Windows 7 operating system, one of the most popular OSs, on January 13, 2015. However, it is said that the users will continue to receive security patches until 2020 but the mainstream support will end on that specific date.

The decision by Microsoft to end the support for Windows 7 operating system will be a big blow for majority of the business as well as home users. In fact, recent studies suggest that Windows 7 holds the maximum share in the computer market. Thus, the EOS for Windows will be a disaster for many of the users. However, businesses will surely go for extending the Windows 7 support and as a result, they will receive Windows support until January 14, 2020. This step is very important for many of the businesses as they are on the verge of upgrading their Windows XP systems mainly to Windows 7 by avoiding Windows 8.

However, there are also speculations going about the chance of providing extended support for the Windows 7 considering that it is still the most popular operating system used in the world. Thus, the tech world is hoping that Microsoft will change their mind and will extend the date just as they did with Windows XP operating system. Actually, Microsoft continued providing support to Windows XP for almost 13 years.

Windows Support

         Microsoft OS

The decision by Microsoft to end the support is mainly to promote their newly released Windows 8 versions of the operating system. Windows 8 contains a Desktop mode, which is much similar to the full version of Windows 7. Microsoft is thinking that by ending the support, more users will turn towards Windows 8 versions, which will ultimately result in increase in popularity. However, the tech giant has also set a date for the end of mainstream support for Windows 8 and it was set for January 9, 2018.

From this itself, it is clear that by the end of 2015, Microsoft will come up with a new version of Windows which is code named as Threshold. For further information, contact the Microsoft support desk.

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Availing Support For Fixing Your Windows Issues

Microsoft Support

            Features Of Microsoft OS

You might encounter several errors with your operating system no matter how careful you work with your computer. Some of the errors might be associated with the software programs installed in it while some others might be associated with the hardware components. Now, in order to fix these errors, you might make use of several techniques. In this post, we will guide you through the different methods by which you could get help for different Windows errors.

 Go through forums

You will find numerous Microsoft support forums online. These forums discuss various Microsoft problems and solutions for it. This is an ideal place to seek answers for your Windows queries. Experts give you answers and the steps to reach the solution for your issue. One of the disadvantages of Microsoft support forums is that you may not receive an immediate reply for your query and it might take a day or two to get a solution. Therefore, if you are seeking an immediate answer to your query, then go for other methods.

Microsoft help

Microsoft help section can be useful whenever you have an issue with any of the operating system tools or programs. Keep in mind that all the programs and tools have a help section that details you about the features of the program and help you find out how to run it. Therefore, if you are unsure about the working of a program or tool in the operating system, first refer to the Windows help section.

Technical support firms

Hardware Components

             Microsoft OS Issues

If the above steps did not help you fix the issue, get the help from a technical support firm. Numerous technical support firms offer service for various Windows issues. However, the service comes with a small charge. Most of the tech support firms offer various plans from which a user could choose the one suited for his issue. If you frequently encounter troubles with your Windows operating system, then it is advisable that you go for the annual plans that offer unlimited support round the clock. For fixing small issues, the onetime support plans would suffice. Most of the onetime support plans come with a guarantee and allows you to contact the support center if the issues recur within a fixed period.

If you are facing troubles with your Windows operating system, then fix the issues with any of the above-mentioned methods. You may also contact our technical support team for fixing your Windows issues.

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